Walmart is switching back to its old recipe for Best Value pizza, and to celebrate, they're giving out free slices today!  All you have to do is stop in, and it's free.

On caveat:  It's not every single Walmart store.  It's best to call first and make sure it's happening at the location you're going to.

  • Magnolia Street in Fort Collins:  970-493-3048
  • Mason Street in Fort Collins I believe has no bakery, as it doesn't give out free cookies for kids; but their number is 970-372-3477.
  • Timnath location:  970-484-0328
  • 1325 Denver Avenue in Loveland:  970-669-4579
  • 250 W. 65th Street in Loveland:  970-667-3331
  • 920 47th Avenue in Greeley:  970-353-4231
  • 3103 S. 23rd Avenue in Greeley:  970-330-1452

This is a national promotion, as well.

I just learned Walmart changed its recipe for its brand of frozen pizza last year, and everyone hated it.  I guess I'd just presumed it.  Hahahahahaha!


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