When it comes to rocks, geodes have to be one of the most unique. Plain spheres on the outside and chocked full of sparkly minerals on the inside. Geodes remind me of the saying "it's what's on the inside that counts".

How Do Geodes Form?

According to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, geodes are the byproduct of pockets of air within a rock. The rock is formed from the lava of a volcanic eruption. The lava cools around air bubbles and when water makes its way into these voids, mineral deposits from the water form the crystals. For a geode to form, it is going to take many cycles of mineral-rich water deposits that can occur over the course of many centuries.

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Where to Find Geodes in Colorado

Once you find a geode in the wild, you will never forget it. I remember being a kid and finding one near a rocky creek. Finding the geode was purely an accident too. I picked up the rock and somehow dropped it. The rock split in half and the inside revealed a crystalized delight.

Geodes are not widely found throughout Colorado, but there are some places you can hunt for them. Rocker Seeker compiled a list of five places you can hunt for geodes in Colorado:

Here are 5 Places to Hunt for Geodes in Colorado

Here are five places in Colorado to hunt for geodes.

Ther you have it. Five locations in Colorado where you can hunt geodes.

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