While there's a ton going on in Northern Colorado, there's also a lot of fun to be had across the state, so here 's a quick rundown!

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The Return of the Fort Collins Trolley

Or "Fort Collins Municipal Railway," as it's officially called.  Rain, SNOW, or shine, it'll be back in action tomorrow (Saturday, 4/29/17!)  Here's the website for more info.


I know people who are looking for a run.  If this is you, here ya go:  The Rocky Top Middle School 5K is happening in Brighton.  You can run, walk, or even hibernate!  Now you know that one includes you!

A Comedy Show

Comedy Works has (seriously) hilarious shows every weekend at both its locations in Denver.  Even the emcees are fun to watch.  Then, two opening acts follow before your headliner takes the stage.  Talk about getting your money's worth!

Free Skiing

If you want to get in one more day on the slopes, you might want to get going, 'cause it'll be a roadtrip (or sky trip?)  BUT, for the die-harders, Purgatory Resort in Durango is offering free skiing all weekend.  Just get your free pass at the window.  They'll also feature food & drink discounts.

Oreo's Birthday

This one you have to wait til Monday for, but stop into the Armstrong Hotel in Old Town for a free cupcake to celebrate the birth of Oreo, the resident cat who has his own doorways all over the building.  I always feel awesome after being in that place.  Usually, I'll stop into the lounge there and take in some live jazz music.

But we also hope to see you at

No matter your taste in music, you're sure to experience a good, local version of it.


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