Everything old is becoming new again including this former drive-in movie theater in Colorado.

Frontier Drive-In has transformed into Frontier Drive-Inn, a new hotspot where guests can catch a movie and stay overnight in a luxury steelmaster shed or yurt with an incredible view of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

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The History of the Frontier Drive-In

The Frontier Drive-In originally opened on May 14, 1955, with the screening of Warpath starring Edmond O'Brien.

The drive-in was owned and operated by Herbert Gumper and is reported to have had a capacity for up to 320 cars. The Frontier closed permanently in 1986 and sat abandoned for years before the new owner, Mark Falcone, bought the property in 2016.

Re-Opening the Frontier

It took several years of hard work and reconstruction, but the Frontier re-opened to the public in the summer of 2022. The iconic neon sign was restored to its former glory and even the original 40' screen was saved. The former drive-in no longer serves as a place just to catch a movie and is now a home for the arts that invites guests to stay overnight in one of its luxurious steelmaster sheds or yurts.

The steelmaster sheds feature custom wood-paneled interiors, private bathrooms, and in-floor heat. The yurts include a queen bed and sitting area, with individual pellet stoves. You can even bring up to 2 dogs with you for an additional price. The Frontier also boasts a communal cooking space (the snack bar) where you can bring food to cook during your stay or you can book a weekend with a chef that will prepare all your meals.

The Frontier Drive Inn is a tribute to the things we love: food, architecture, art, and, of course, movies. This is a place to enjoy old friends, make new ones, and reconnect with nature.

There's still more in store for the new drive-inn with plans for additional lodging, a gathering hall, campsites, and even RV hookups.

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