Frontier Airlines is Denver International Airport's third-largest flight carrier and is looking to make some big moves at DIA that not everybody is going to love by 2024.

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Frontier Airlines Making Big Changes At DIA

My family and I fly Frontier Airlines quite frequently mostly based on price and their kids fly free program that they have going from time to time. When flying 5 people, you find all the deals you can, and that particular program helps save some dough for sure. The last two frontier flights we've been on didn't pull up to one of the normal gates upon returning to DIA. Instead, it pulled up to a far east gate at Concourse A and we had to walk down a ramp, into the cold, and into the building. It's literally the farthest gates possible and that walk to the train, after a long trip and flight, isn't too fun. Apparently, Frontier has a proposal with DIA that would have them permanently boarding and unloading passengers from the tarmac, just like we experienced.

Frontier Airlines Plans To Have Passengers Board On The Tarmac At DIA

According to the Denver Post, DIA's top two airlines, United and Southwest Airlines, have locked up all 39 of the new gates in DIA's $1.5 Billion Dollar expansions, so Frontier now has proposed a new 10-year deal that includes an expanded ground boarding facility on the far east side of Concourse A at DIA. The ground boarding area is already in use but the proposed deal would give Frontier exclusive use and branding on all of the 14 gates after the $183 million in renovations. Frontier big wigs also say they believe this will speed up the change-over process as well. They predict it could "cut changeover time in half" which would be a big deal to the airline. They currently run out of nine traditional gates on Concourse A so this would add five additional gates.

Courtesy of Frontier Airlines
Courtesy of Frontier Airlines

If approved by the Denver City Council, the full project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024.

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