You read that right. Shows are in fact coming back to the old Pinball Jones location on Campus West and I am LIVING.

Back in the day, PBJ was THE place. Hosting some of the coolest shows, showcasing a fantastic collection of playable pinball/arcade machines, and despite serving 21+ beverages, was one of the few all-age venues. Everyone was always welcome to come to join in on the fun.

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Sadly, on March 18, 2020, the Campus West location closed its doors forever, although you can still visit the Old Town PBJ location, although they are strictly a 21+ arcade.

Flash forward one year later and Eco-Thrift, a locally operated and environmentally friendly driven thrift store announced they were opening a second location, Funktional by Eco-Thrift, which gifted new life to the vacant space.

To celebrate its one year anniversary, Funktional, partnered with Blast N Scrap, to host a kick-off Masquerade Ball-themed show featuring The Red ScareFlahoola, and Race to Neptune, which made some local history since these bands were the first to play in this space since the PBJ 2020 closure.

The venue had undergone some pretty cool updates. Blast N Scrap shows are non-profit all-age venues, so donations are suggested and shows are always welcome to all members of the community. Funktional also stayed open through the night, providing patrons a chance to get their late-night thrift fix AND there were some incredibly talented local artists selling their work like Fresha Peppa and Aiko Grease Paint. This was all documented incredibly well by @focofanpage on Instagram.

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As of posting this article, another show was announced on Apr. 9 at 7 pm featuring Franklin County Symphony Orchestra, xDeadBeatx, Spirit of Revolt, and The Leshen.


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