It makes it easier to remember to eat your greens if you're not paying any green, right? The Crunchy Grocer, a local, independent and organic grocer is offering free salads, and there's actually no catch!

Beth Yeaw/ThinkStock
Beth Yeaw/ThinkStock

All you have to do is go make yourself a bowl of greens at their awesome salad bar (which I have eaten from, and I totally approve), and when you go to checkout just mention you heard about the offer from this radio station. ;) The perks of being our friends and listeners. 

Why are they doing this? The owner of The Crunchy Grocer, Jonas, is simply passionate about clean, toxin-free eating, and wants you to give it a try, too. Both vegan and carnivore-friendly options.

The Cruchy Grocer is open 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. and is located between Boise and Madison on Eisenhower in Loveland.

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