Colorado Springs Police and a local pizza restaurant are looking for your help in finding a burglar, and the reward for the first person to do it is rather unique as well.

According to the Facebook page of Louie's Pizza in Colorado Springs, the incident occurred on Saturday, October 14th around 3:56 a.m.. The person who broke into the pizza restaurant stole their cash register.

If you can help Louie's Pizza find the criminal, you'll get hooked up with something that will fill up your stomach for a while.

That's right, the first person to identify the person in the camera will get themselved FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR! I've had Louie's Pizza before, and I can tell you that is worth more than a small cash reward!

So here's the security footage for you to check out to see if you recognize this person, as they could be anywhere in Colorado. Anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.


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