No one likes being awoken in the morning to the sound of a loud garbage truck rolling down the street.

But faced with the option of not having your garbage being picked up at all, most would deal with it and move on.

Kevin McGill, a garbage man in Sandy Springs, Ga., landed himself in trouble because he picked up garbage too early, Atlanta's WSB-TV reported.

In Sandy Springs, there's an ordinance that garbage cannot be collected until 7 a.m., putting McGill in clear violation.

So what happened to McGill? A slap on the wrist? Maybe he's given a stern talking-to by his employer? Docked an hour's pay?

Nope. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a term later suspended after he spent a weekend in jail, WSB-TV reported.

Chief prosecutor Bill Riley said early trash pickup is an ongoing problem in Sandy Springs, with calls flooding into the 911 call center.

So, to recap, this guy was to have spent 30 days in jail for doing his job. Does that sound odd to anyone else?

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