Apparently Taylor Swift is finally getting the picture after writing all of those songs about ex-lovers, and she says that men get her in trouble.

While on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night, she was asked by "Entertainment Tonight" co-host Nancy O'Dell about what she was wearing (an Elie Saab gown) and was also complimented about how great she looked.

The reporter said that she looked so good that she'd be going home with "lots of men."

Swift quickly shot that down, saying that shed be hanging out with friends and then going home to the cats.

"I'm not going to walk home with any men tonight," the 25-year-old told "ET." "I'm going to go hang out with my friends, and then I go home to the cats. Men get me in trouble!"

Most guys wouldn't mind being with Swift because of obvious reasons.

However, perhaps it's for the best because if things didn't work out, you would have a song written about you saying how much of a jerk you are for leaving her.

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