Frank Iero is currently trending on Twitter after the My Chemical Romance guitarist and Future Violents bandleader responded to a fan on the social networking service about a piece of merchandise from his solo group. The reply — with the musician saying he "may not be a lesbian" and turning the phrase "depresbian" — serves as yet another example of Iero's humorous if confounding online quips.

It all started on Monday (Feb. 8) when the My Chem member shared an image of a new Frank Iero and the Future Violents hoodie along with a link to the Violents' winter merch line. A Twitter user with the handle @sin__i__sin replied to the tweet, "in order for me to purchase the violence hoodie i'll need an excuse for me to explain to my mom why i need another black hoodie as a depressed lesbian."

To that, Iero put on his troll cap and delivered an entertaining retort that perhaps presents more questions than it answers. Regardless, the response caught the attention of My Chemical Romance fans online, whose views made the tweet trend throughout the afternoon.

Twitter: @FrankIero
Twitter: @FrankIero

"although i may not be a lesbian in the classical sense," Iero said, "i do feel your plight & also appreciate your descriptive nature. in return may i offer you the term 'depresbian' & encourage you to wear 'this black hoodie' as the quintessential 'depresbian uniform' i’ll be getting one too."

The bizarre message comes as no surprise to frequent Iero followers, who are familiar with the musician's knowing presence on social media. For every online Iero wisecrack, however, there seem to be an equal amount of earnest expressions. Like that time when the My Chemical Romance guitarist shared with The Dodo about how he and his family rescued and nursed a group of baby turtles.

For all of Iero's wit, however, it appears the musician didn't coin the word "depresbian." The portmanteau appears in a 2004 Urban Dictionary entry describing a "slightly depressed teenage gothic girl seeking [attention]. Wears crappy things and complains to anyone who listens."

Still, Iero has joked about being a lesbian before:

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