The way I see it, if you’re going to have a hot dog… you damn well better batter and fry that thing first. I mean, if you’re going to eat something so silly and bad for you, go all the way!

National Corn Dog Day is the third Saturday of March. Join everyone on March 19, 2016 at Odell Brewing for a great day of Corndoggidy fun!

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

It’s a staple of Fair Food: The Corn Dog. Behold its greatness! It’s a beautiful, tasty, fried hot dog. On a stick. It’s pretty much a perfect meal, right? Enough said. It’s no wonder that we, as a nation, celebrate this wonder of the culinary world on the third Saturday of March, every year! Thing is, there aren’t any fairs happening in March. Who comes up with these things? Think it through, people!

However, you can get out this Saturday (March 19, 2016) to Odell Brewing to feast on some UNIQUE corn dogs and fun!  The Corndoggies food truck will be on the scene! They have ARTISAN corn dogs. Wear a nice shirt. Just kidding!  Come out, grab an Easy Street Wheat, a Jalepeno Chicken Gouda (or just a classic, that’s OK), and then maybe a slice of pineapple inside out cake!

With any luck, they’ll also get a sketchy carnival ride out there! Think about getting an EXTRA corn dog to mail to a friend, like Kid President suggests!