Ohhhh, I just can't resist a good investigative story. Fort Collins woman Malini Bartels, who describes herself as the 'unapologetic voice of divorced mothers,' documented her experiences as an undercover sugar baby in 'Sugaring Fort Collins: The Sweet, the Sad and the Distasteful.'


In the blog, which is posted on Naked Fort Collins, -- a risque site dedicated to hosting a forum of our town's most taboo topics -- Bartels entails the three different dates she had with older men seeking 'no strings attached' companionship from younger women, in exchange for money.

Sugaring, as it's called, tends to be prominent in college towns like Fort Collins -- plenty of attractive young women in need of money for rent, bills, tuition and more. Last spring, The Denver Post followed the story of a CU Boulder student, who used sugar daddies' monetary support in order to work less and focus on school more. One Google search for 'sugar babies Fort Collins' would lead one to believe that it's prominent here, as well.

'Of course there are tons of people [in Fort Collins] on the site! This is a college town. There is no shortage of young women willing to entertain you for some kind of monetary exchange,' Bartels recalls one of her dates saying.

Some men are married, some not, Bartels says; a lot of them successful, like a middle-aged electrical engineer from Longmont, who wanted anything but another wife.

As we all know, this can be dangerous and it can easily become, you know, illegal. But, it's something that's going on right under all of our noses.

Bartels' story, which she warns is not as glamorous as the 'Lisa Ling show on Netflix,' is still a pretty interesting, scandalous read. Check out her full story on Naked Fort Collins.

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