The Events Center in Fort Collins is becoming a new climbing gym, which means FoCo Roller Derby and other local sports leagues will be displaced. Can you help?

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It's no secret that skating is near and dear to my heart; I do it a few days a week. While I don't skate derby, I have experienced firsthand what FoCo Roller Derby brings to this community, because they were the first ones to get me into a pair of skates, and now I think I wear them more than I wear regular shoes...

As of May 1, the league, along with others who have used The Events Center off of South College, will no longer have a rink (which means no practice, no bouts, no competing...).

FoCo Roller Derby shared on Facebook, 'This is where all the blood, sweat, and tears happen! This is where our success is brewed, nurtured, and practiced! As of May 1st The Events Center will be re-purposed. Help us find a new practice/venue space! Have a lead on a space? 

They are in need of a space in the Fort Collins area that has 108 by 75 feet of concrete, wood, or pavement - that's it! If you know of a place equipped for roller derby, hockey, lacrosse, etc., please reach out to them at

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