Elizabeth Shiftwell wrote a powerful open letter to our law enforcement community.  She is a police officer's wife and is passionate about humanizing the badge.

A couple of years ago she wrote a letter called, "Dear Officer, we see you."  The hashtag took off as many started posting messages of support on social media to officers and their families.
The project on YouTube has over 580,000 views and shows the life of a police officer from a family member's perspective.  The video shows officers coming home each day, after good and bad ones, to their families.
Fort Collins Police Department tweeted out a sweet message that was left for one of their officers using the #weseeyou.  I think what is so nice about this message is that it was a simple gesture made by someone in our community who was not trying to get recognition for it.  You can see it was written on the back of a Wing Shack receipt.  It shows this person was just moved at that moment to be kind.  With so many negative stories, it's nice to find some positive.