Fort Collins police and other agencies in Northern Colorado released a hilarious warning on social media about the dangers of driving after smoking a doobie.

Some of us take 4/20 very seriously - whether you're celebrating the cannabis holiday full-heartedly or are pushing heavily against partaking in chronic activities recreationally.

Fort Collins Police Services, on the other hand, took somewhat of a middle-ground approach on their Facebook page.

Look, police aren't stupid. They know people are going to smoke weed, and in Colorado, there's not a lot they can legally do to keep the general 21+ population from smoking it. But it's their job to protect the safety of Northern Coloradans, so Fort Collins police posted the following statement on Facebook:

If you're ganja consume marijuana, weed preefer that you do it safely. Don't use in public, just leaf it at home. Always drive sober (beleaf us when we say that driving high is pot worth the consequences). If you or your buds are under 21, remember it's illegal to buy, use, or possess marijuana.

Please make smart choices on #420day and every day, Fort Collins!

As of 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, the post had over 1,000 shares and over 1,800 likes/reactions.

Greeley Police Department posted a similar message on their Facebook page, as well.