Got a kooky aunt who insists California has the best beer in the world? Sit down, Karen, Fort Collins is talking.

Food and Wine just released a list of the cities with the most breweries per capita. Yep, that means the most breweries per person, and Fort Collins topped the list.

Portland, Maine topped the list, and Asheville, North Carolina (home to New Belgium Brewery's second location) made #2. However, Boulder, Colorado nabbed the #4 spot and Fort Collins wasn't far behind at #11, representing Colorado's idyllic brewing conditions. Fort Collins, thanks to research, has 8 breweries for every 50,000 people, meaning great beer is hardly a stone's throw away from every craft-loving hipster in the area. Sweet!

To unpack the research behind the findings, read the full article right here. However, we think we're going to go straight to celebrating with a cold beer...cheers. 

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