To be honest, we're not at all surprised, either. Krazy Karl's is often named Fort Collins' best pizza, and has recently expanded from the Campus West location to  better accommodate us Krazy pizza  lovers.

If you're not convinced this is the most popular pizza place in town, maybe the wait time on your order will. Not hating, we love KK's, but sometimes you've got about a two hour wait for delivery because it's just THAT good. They've even recommended calling in your order way in advance in order to get it when you want it.

So, it's really no shock they were just ranked Colorado's busiest independent pizzeria, the Coloradoan reports. Forget Maxim, the real Hot 100 of 2018 to check out is the pizza list, with KK at #25 in the nation, but #1 in my heart...

I can do a magic trick where I make an entire Krazy Karl's pizza disappear before your eyes. Bring me one and I will show you.

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