Slow Caves, a station favorite here at The X, was our LOCAL X studio guest this week. We asked them for their 'FoCo Five' picks, like best coffee, local hangs and bands to have on our radar in Northern Colorado.

Though we wish we could air it all, we set aside some of Slow Caves' comments that didn't make the cut, like Oliver's thoughts on Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and why David is talking about stalking Oprah (context). You can hear that, plus where to get the best chai or pizza on bread in town (yeah, that is a thing -- because carbs <3 ).

LOCAL X photos courtesy Madi Scruggs.

In other Slow Caves news, they just released a video for 'Dandelion Girl,' produced by Aidan Sean McCarthy, and as Jackson's shirt would say, it's 'SIIIIICK.'