The students at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins hold a Make-A-Wish fundraiser every year. This year, Reece will be going to Legoland.

It has to feel great to know that you played a part in seeing that a Make-A-Wish kid's wish was fulfilled. Even better, is that the Fossil Ridge kids blew right passed their initial goal.

According to the Poudre School District, Fossil Ridge has had this 'Make-A-Wish Week' tradition for some time. The Leadership team for the school and the Honor Societies worked together to pull of this year's event to help out Reece, who lives in Fort Collins with his family, and has been battling leukemia.

They raised funds with events such as:

  • Movie Night.
  • Bowling Night.
  • Restaurant Night.
  • Trivia Night.
Poudre School District

The first Legoland opened in Denmark in 1988, with the U.S. getting its first of three in 1998 in Carlsbad, California. Legos has been a part of kids' lives for over 100 years; those Lego movies are a couple of my favorites.

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Regarding the fundraiser for Reece, Poudre Schools had a quote from one of the students at Fossil Ridge:

To me it’s an important reminder of the power of our community- both inside and outside of our school walls..  Whether attending events, donating to our funds, or dressing up as Adam Sandler for our spirit days, by the end of the week, hundreds of people and dozens of businesses have contributed to the cause. I am always amazed by the generosity and humbled by the kindness of our community.

The students has hoped to raise $7,500 but ended up crushing that goal by raising $10,066 for Reece's Wish.

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