The best bar in all of Colorado is in Fort Collins, says Yelp.

The review site put together a list of the single-best bar located in each state, which was shared by Business Insider. Colorado's best bar is reportedly Social in Fort Collins.

This basement bar happens to be one of my personal favorites in town, mostly for its modern-industrial decor and refreshing Lavender Sours. Other people probably love it for a variety of other reasons, but one thing's for sure - it has really good reviews on Yelp, and that's what helped it garner that coveted "Best Bar in Colorado" title on this list.

Here are the best bars in Colorado's neighboring states:

  • Fiesta Tequila Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Gillette, Wyoming
  • So Long Saloon in Manhattan, Kansas
  • Krug Park in Omaha, Nebraska
  • ParCht in Taos, New Mexico
  • Andolini's Pizzeria in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Fletcher's in Park City, Utah
  • The Whining Pig in Phoenix, Arizona

There are certainly many other great bars in Northern Colorado, as well as all over the state. Tell us who you love in the comments below.

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