Yeah, that was kind of a lot, but before it all melts away this weekend (it's going to be sunny with temps in the mid 50s), check out the snow totals for Northern Colorado from the April 16 storm

According to the National Weather Service, over last 24 hours, these were the snow accumulation numbers as of 11 a.m. on Friday, April 17. Note that most of these measurements were documented in the afternoon and evening hours of April 16. No updated information was available for Greeley at this time.

Click map to see full results.

BERTHOUD: 12 inches


Central Fort Collins: 13 inches

West Fort Collins: 11.7 inches

Northwest Fort Collins: 13.5 inches

South Fort Collins: 11.5 inches

Southeast Fort Collins: 10.8 inches

ESTES PARK: 16 inches


West Loveland: 10 inches

Northwest Loveland: 10.5 inches

North Loveland: 9 inches

WINDSOR: 8 inches

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