For the past year-plus, I've raved about our time living in Colorado and how much we love it here and how thankful we are. That absolutely still applies but there is one thing that I need to address and vent on a bit and that's the trains.

In particular, the ones that stroll through Downtown Windsor at 5:30 during the heart of the afternoon commute. This also applies to Fort Collins as well, and these trains always seem to pass by at the worst possible times.

Look I know trains need to do train things and deliver stuff and they're very important and I'm not taking anything away from the jobs that trains do for us. But can we please time out the routes just a little bit better and not have them stopping traffic during morning and afternoon commutes?

It shouldn't take me 30 minutes to get from Downtown Windsor to our house in Severance but it did, and it was annoying because of course, I had to get to another engagement that I was late for. If you listen to our show, you know how I feel about being late for stuff. It bugs me to no end.

I have managed to add a few bucks to our swear jar at home thanks to what seems like the never-ending trains that come through at the worst possible times. And what about those trains that just stop in the middle of the intersection and go back and forth slowly? Now that is a whole new level of rage that rolls through my body when that happens.

Pardon my ignorance because I don't even know if it's possible, but I keep wondering to myself, "Hasn't the growth in NoCo brought on the questions and the possibility of building a train trench so the trains can do their thing and not be so disruptive?"

Sure it's not going to be cheap but I know I'd be willing to help chip in some tax dollars to bring some relief from this annoying occurrence. I know, I know, more tax dollars. But in my opinion, this would be money well spent because like it or not, NoCo is growing more and more and isn't going to be slowing down anytime soon.

We had this very same problem when I lived in Reno, Nevada about 15 years ago and with the population boom that hit there, they built one. No longer did we have to endure miles of backups through the heart of town just to wait for a train to pass.

So I'm writing this for a couple of reasons: to vent, to share in my frustration because I know I'm certainly not the only one dealing with this and feeling this way, and to hopefully get something done. It's probably highly unlikely, but certainly worth a shot.

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