Actor Jason Sudeikis coaches the heads of Foo Fighters' members strangely superimposed onto the bodies of a female swim team in the Dave Grohl-directed music video for "Love Dies Young," the latest single from Foo Fighters' Medicine at Midnight.

The album, the Foos' tenth, emerged earlier this year, surrounded by the singles "Waiting on War," "No Son of Mine" and "Shame Shame." Last month, the Grohl-led band was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame by none other than The Beatles' Paul McCartney.

But little did we know what the Foo Fighters bandleader had in store for the group's next music video.

The clip is half comedic monologue, half music video — the opening finds Sudeikis' coach character giving a bizarre pep talk to the team, not yet revealed to somehow have the faces of the Foo Fighters. The latter act finds the Foo-swimmer hybrids doing synchronized moves in a pool while singing the song.

It's weird and funny, despite approaching the uncanny valley with its advanced video editing. The clip premiered Thursday (Nov. 18) on MTV Live, MTVU and on the billboard in Times Square. HBO will air the Foo Fighters' Rock Hall induction ceremony on Nov. 20.

Sudeikis is the comedian who made a name for himself on SNL before going on to star in feature films and lead the award-winning Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.

Foo Fighters are clearly feeling cinematic lately, beyond just Grohl's knack for direction. A horror film starring the band, Studio 666, is expected to arrive next year.

Watch the "Love Dies Young" video below.

Foo Fighters, "Love Dies Young" Video

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