WATCH: Flora Cash's new video for 'Missing Home' will make anyone who is away form Colorado miss home.

The duo, whose single 'You're Somebody Else' became a hit song over the last year, are a married couple who initially met over Soundcloud. The band is half American and half Swedish, and together they penned the song 'Missing Home' while on the road, feeling just that.

We started writing 'Missing Home' at some random hotel in Boston over a year ago. Away from our friends and family and all sense of the familiar, were at a low point and even though we were lucky enough to have each other, we still felt lonely. Writing this song helped. We really want 'Missing Home' to speak to and encourage anyone who feels like they’re out on a limb struggling to pursue a dream.' - Flora Cash, RCA

For those of us who call Colorado 'home,' you'll recognize that quite a bit of the song's video was filmed here. Watch it below.

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