While there's been rumors of this coming to Fort Collins for quite some time, Longmont went ahead and said, "Let's Do This."  (But not necessarily in a 'Home Depot' sort of way.)

The City of Longmont has been laying the fiber-optic line for this project since 2014.  Now, "Gig City" is set for completion in about two weeks.  Longmont is the first city in Colorado to get town-wide internet.

How awesome is that???  For any of us who have had to call one of the two corporate giants who provide marginal internet service, trying to find out what the heck, just to end up more frustrated - and sometimes more broke - than before we made that headache-inducing call - this is exactly the welcome news we need!  For those who work at home, life is about to run a lot more smoothly, if this concept spreads like I hope it does.

This will cost users about $60 per month.

It's 2017.  Internet should be treated as a utility.  Agree?  Post in the comments!

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