Non-profit organization Homeward Alliance (HA) will be hosting a Family Resource Fair August 20 from 9-11:30am at Lifespring Covenant Church in Loveland, CO.

The fair will provide services to individuals and families who are facing homelessness in Larimer County.

This week, "Tuned In to NoCo" spoke with HA Executive Director, David Rout, and HA Programs Director Serena Thomas. They say the fair will provide both same-day and long-term help to those in need.

This help will be available to all who attend, and Rout says everyone and anyone who is battling homelessness should come so they can access these vital services.

"It's not only a great place to get services on the things you might need on that specific day but it's also an opportunity to get connected to longer-term services that can help you escape homelessness, help you retain housing and help you get connected to employment related resources."

Thomas says they are excited to distribute the ample amount of resources they have for those in need, and says they still could use some volunteers!

"We have lots of resources...including clothing, hiking items, food supplies and a lot of other agencies that we partner with are available to provide resources on the spot...we expect probably 100 families maybe 300-400 individuals and we need about 40 volunteers for this event and we'd love to invite the community to contact us and sign-up for that event."

For more information about Homeward Alliance and how to get help, volunteer or donate click here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.





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