Fall Out Boy rockers Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump appeared as contestants on The Price Is Right Tuesday (Jan. 21) as part of the TV game show's "Music Week" ahead of the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

But the two musicians didn't just compete on the show hosted by Drew Carey. They also showcased some of the program's prizes, an occupation typically reserved for the broadcast's bevy of models.

Indeed, the Fall Out Boy duo got to hear that iconic invitation to "Come on down!" before the pair took their place on "Contestants' Row." After Wentz and Stump placed their bids, the former even got to take a turn spinning the show's giant prize wheel and nails a coveted $1 spin. Watch the videos down toward the bottom of this post.

The Fall Out Boy twosome join both Anberlin singer Stephen Christian and Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz as scene musicians who've competed on The Price Is Right. In his 2015 appearance on the game show, Dutkiewicz made out with multiple vehicle prizes and an over $50,000 score.

But fans may be more interested in the Fall Out Boys' turns at modeling some of the program's prizes. As pointed out by iHeartRadio, Stump showed off a set of speakers, a wine cooler and a keg cooler. Wentz went to work displaying his bartending kills by gyrating a cocktail shaker amid a bar set prize.

Fellow music-makers Diplo and Anderson .Paak appeared alongside Wentz and Stump on The Price is Right Tuesday. As mentioned above, it's all part of the game show's music promotion in anticipation of the 2020 Grammys. The award show takes place Jan. 26 and will air live on CBS.

In their regular realm as music performers, Fall Out Boy have a busy 2020 set out ahead of them. Beginning this summer, the group will take part in the "Hella Mega Tour" along with Green Day and Weezer.

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