There are memes a plenty out there in social media land that say "You know you're from Colorado when..." and one of the items on the list is always something to the effect that as a kid, you had to plan your Halloween costume to fit around a winter coat, because it would inevitably snow on you.

My entire adult life, whenever the subject of Halloween and the weather comes up, I too fall victim to the old urban myth that it always seems to snow on Halloween, and regale my audience telling tales of "back when I was a kid, it always used to snow!" But does it?

I can actually recall all of two Halloweens as a kid growing up in Parker that it snowed. I don't remember the years. Once I was maybe about 9 or 10 and got stuck at a friend's house because the snow was crazy, watching the Indianapolis Colts blow out the Denver Broncos on what I think was Monday Night Football back then.

Note: a quick Google shows me I've got a pretty good memory. It was October 31, 1988 and the Colts crushed the Broncos 55-23 that night, indeed on Monday Night Football. Although oddly, it doesn't show any snowfall that night, so maybe it's not as good as I thought. At least there wasn't any measurable snowfall. But I digress.

At any rate, turns out it's mostly urban legend that it always seems to snow on Halloween around these parts.

Since they started keeping track of this sort of thing, about 140 years ago, it's only actually snowed 16 times on Halloween. That's hardly "it always snows on Halloween." In fact, the average temperature on October 31st over the years - at least in Denver - is actually 57.2 degrees. Not exactly summer, but nowhere near the frozen tundra people seem to remember. So I think the memes across the internet need to be updated to reflect, actually, Halloween in Colorado is pretty awesome.

So will it snow on Halloween in Northern Colorado this year?

We're still a ways out, but the "too early to be very accurate" forecast says Party Cloudy with highs around the Upper 50's. Which isn't too shabby at all.

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