Time and time again we see how nasty and cruel nature can be.

The number one group of folks that care the most about the wildlife and nature is really the men and women that love to hunt and fish. Conservation organizations are always out to make sure the wildlife are taken care of. The better taken care of they are, the better the hunting and fishing opportunities are.

If you go out into the outdoors regularly, you're eventually going to stumble across something that makes you scratch your head and may turn your stomach.

One group that's been a major player in the outdoor world for a long time is the world leading outdoor magazine, Field & Stream Magazine. In a video recently posted on the Field & Stream YouTube channel, it was definitely one of those moments that was a stomach turner.

Wildlife Archeologist Adam Segroves stumbled upon quite the scene. Two mule deer bucks were locked together in a rut battle. On one side was a 4x4 buck and on the other was a 5x5 buck.

In this particular match up, the smaller buck was the victor. The odd part was, the 5x5 was dead. Yep, you read that right. The bucks battled to the death and couldn't the winner was stuck to the the loser.

To make matters worse, coyotes stumbled across the two bucks and started eating the deceased deer. Yep, they got a nice meal and the other buck had to watch it all going down.

Because Segroves is an outdoor lover, he was able to cut the winning buck free. There's now way to tell how long the bucks were locked together, but by looking at the amount the coyotes ate, it looks like it may've been a while.

The good news is the surviving buck was able to stumble away and the coyotes had another meal.

Take a look at the video, but be cautious because some may find it disturbing.

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