1760 Laporte Avenue in Fort Collins is home to the humble Blasting Room Studios; hidden behind a used furniture store and a laundromat as you hit the northwest outskirts of town, it's an iconic stop for big names in the punk rock scene (founded by members of Black Flag and the Descendents).

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While it's been no secret that the band Rise Against frequents the place (according to the Blasting Room's website, the band's had nine stints there since 2001), here are some other well-known bands you may not have realized are listed as clients for Northern Colorado's own Blasting Room.


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    Alkaline Trio

    The 'Calling All Skeletons' band recorded My Shame Is True (2013) with the Blasting Room.

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    Gogol Bordello

    My Tsyganiada (2011)

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    The Gaslight Anthem

    Just a year before my favorite Gaslight Anthem song, ''59 Sound' was released, the band recorded 2007's Sink or Swim in the town I would soon move to.

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    Scary Kids Scaring Kids

    What the H-E-double hockey sticks the fudge? Scary Kids Scaring Kids recorded at the Blasting Room, too? Who knew? Back in 2005, that is where the band recorded After Dark.

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    Tony Sly Tribute (2013), Complete Control Sessions (2011), and Terror State (2003)

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    Bouncing Souls

    Comet (2012)

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    Less Than Jake

    Borders and Boundaries (2000) and See the Light (2013)

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    I found this one pretty surprising. In 2010, Train recorded a rare single titled 'Only You' with the Blasting Room. It sounds like a weird, alternate version of their hit, 'Hey,Soul Sister.'

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    The Lemonheads

    I really only know these guys as the band that covered 'Mrs. Robinson,' but they recorded two Blasting Room albums in 2006, Lemonheads and Become the Enemy.

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    Self/Entitled (2012), Longest EP (2010), Coaster (2009), Cokie the Clown (2009), Wolves in Wolves' Clothing (2006), and Never Trust a Hippy (2006)

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    Puddle of Mudd

    This isn't that surprising because Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd loves coming to Colorado. His fave thing to do is ride the baggage carousel at DIA.

    The band recorded Icon in 2010, Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate in 2009 and Famous in 2007.

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