Chicken eggs are a hot topic right now. Egg prices are historically high in Colorado and across the country, that's if you can even find them in the store.

If you research the topic, just about every source from chicken farmers to government departments to bird rescue groups will agree it's because of the outbreak of the avian flu.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture told KKTV that "this is a strain or variant that they have not seen before and does not act like they typically do.”

It does seem like a lot of people want to point the finger at politics or government something or other. However, when you start listening to the facts and the numbers, it's pretty obvious the price of eggs is a result of the avian flu.
In Colorado, over 6 million chickens have been killed as a result of avian flu. In the United States, NBC reports "nearly 58 million birds from commercial and backyard flocks have been wiped out in the U.S. since last February". In Colorado as of January 20, 2023, the USDA reports "there have been 8 affected commercial flocks, 13 affected backyard flocks, and a total of 6,258,682 birds affected in this outbreak."
People who shop at several different stores may not have noticed the shortage as much, but the price is up just about everywhere. However, I keep lucking out at Costco and getting there on a day they have a pallet of organic brown eggs that cost under $9 for 2 dozen. Not sure how that works, but I consider myself fortunate when it does.
It only makes sense that without millions of chickens, you have fewer eggs available for stores to sell and therefore the ones they do have, are more expensive. Less supply, same demand.
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