I have never met a person that when going out for sushi didn't love the appetizer Edamame. The little beans are a great food and unfortunately, there has been a recall put in place for bags of Edamame.

Credit: FDA.GOV
Credit: FDA.GOV

According to the FDA, Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp out of California is recalling their Edamame 8 oz. bags with the UPC 0-23012-00261-9.

The reason for the recall is a possible contamination of Listeria. The contamination was discovered through random testing in a quality assurance program. The Edamame would have been purchased at grocery stores with sushi counters, cafeterias, and corporate dining centers.

The affected Edamame would have been packaged with the dates 1/3/17 - 3/17/17. For more information please see FDA.gov.


Source: FDA



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