This could be the start of something new and great for a lot of people who are into drone photography. After nearly five years of being in Albuquerque, this school is moving to north Loveland.

While not a large "university," this school has already trained over 20,000 students online and in-person. It's interesting how they chose the Sweetheart City for their new headquarters.

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Here comes another successful business looking to make Loveland their new home. While Loveland, Colorado, is a great place to have a business, I wonder how Drone U chose Loveland? According to the Reporter-Herald, the new facility will be located east of Highway 287 at 71st Street, just east of the storage business.


I suspect that Drone U will be putting in new grass, to help facilitate their in-person training. They first began operation in 2018, after getting founded in 2014. At the beginning you could join and take all their instruction classes for only $47/month; today that cost is still reasonable at $57/month. There say that they are in the business to help people turn their passion for drone photography, into profit.

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They'll "get you off the ground" so to speak with the basics, all the way up to classes on very high-tech drone photography. Part of their program includes training on taking drone video footage of emergency/disaster situations which could become handy and profitable here in Colorado, as wildfires become more prevalent.

Though Drone U does a lot of online training, and has a popular podcast, it will be interesting to see the amount of people that come to Loveland for the in-person training.

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