Tinder has a new feature where you can link your account to your Spotify, and select a profile song. So ladies, let's say you found a member of the alt-rock band Dreamers on Tinder (and it could happen), what song would you find?

It actually wouldn't be 'Sweet Disaster.'

I had the guys in the studio with me before their show at the Bluebird in Denver last night, and when I asked them about tourmates The Mowglis, they informed me they hadn't yet met the band, and joked that they 'only knew them from Tinder.'

Yesterday, the dating app's new feature was revealed, so naturally, I had to ask what songs Nick, Nelson and Jacob of Dreamers would choose to feature -- and Jacob may actually be selecting his song as you read this. (Good luck, Jacob. We know it's tough out there, but you're in good company.)

David Hasselhoff, Marvin Gaye, Nine Inch Nails... Seal? OK, guys.

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