The new Metrolux in The Foundry in Downtown Loveland will be bringing a whole new idea to the 'movie' experience. Way more than recliners! The Foundry in Downtown Loveland will have a hotel, retail shops, a plaza, apartments, and a 7 screen Metrolux Theater.

The Reporter-Herald got an interview with the Director of Marketing and Communications for Metrolux and dropped some awesome information about the upcoming theater.

This theater will be their first with a bar/restaurant attached. They're calling it a 'Dine-In' theater. So, you can have a nice sit-down meal before seeing that romantic comedy you have tickets for, or enjoy a beer at the bar before that sci-fi flick. Of course, you can have food delivered to your seat as well, as most theaters are doing these days.

What's neat about the concept, to me, is that you don't have to have a movie ticket to enjoy the restaurant/bar. It'll be another place to go and hang out, in Downtown!

According to the article, they don't have a name for the restaurant/bar yet. Any ideas?

Get more on the movie theater and when it's projected to open from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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