With cold and flu season upon us, doctors are warning us to stay away from the littlest germ victims: babies.

Whether you're doing it for a photo op or showing love to a loved one's kin, doctors are urging us all to hesitate on the whole 'kissing babies' thing this flu season. According to WFAA, we might think we have a cold but could actually be suffering from respiratory syncytial virus, which is easily transferable to infants and can put them in the hospital.

According to Texan pediatrician Tiffany Hill, RSV can even end up being fatal.

Hill says she sees infants with RSV all the time during this time of year. “There is such a severe case that, you know, they'll get transferred to Dallas and they end up being intubated, and then they just cannot air it, those lungs and the babies will pass away,” Hill said. (Source)

The biggest takeaway here is that if you feel sick, stay away from infants and focus on getting better.

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