This is mostly a story about an adorable fluffy Highland cow here in Colorado, who was a part of a terrible event and needs some help. The cow is named Grizz.

"Grizz" Musketeers Veterinary Practice
"Grizz" Musketeers Veterinary Practice

Warning! This story is gruesome. There are photos of a gruesome scene below that may be hard to look at.

Sometime during the night of December 14, 2022, there was an attack on two cows in Elbert County, Colorado. The owners found the carcass of one cow after it had been "butchered", it was skinned and the meat was taken. It is clear this was the work of a human or humans. The remaining hairy Highland cow, Grizz, was stabbed multiple times and is currently undergoing lots of treatment to make a recovery.

This is a disturbing story on many levels. The photos are coming across the neighborhood sites and social media, with the hope that someone knows who is responsible.

The Elbert County Sheriff has not released a press release, but if you have any information you can contact them at (303) 621-2027. If you would like to donate to help Grizz recover, there is a GoFundMe setup.

The owner of these cows is a vet at the Musketeers Veterinary Practice in Bennett, Colorado.

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