Let me start this off by saying: I did not know how bad this place was. I have heard about this place being a little creepy and haunted, but I didn't realize the level of creepiness that existed at Cheesman Park in Denver. In fact, it's so creepy, it was one of the inspirations for Steven Spielberg's movie "Poltergeist". 

As a haunted/ghost hunting enthusiast, I now have to go check this place out and yes, I want to do it at night...kind of. I'm the kind of person that likes to do stuff like this even if I'm a little, or a lot, spooked. What can I say, I love a good adrenaline rush.

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Let's start with the backstory.  According to Legends of America, the park’s history began in 1858 when General William Larimer discovered the St. Charles Town Company and established his own town, which he called Denver.

What is now Cheesman Park was once a cemetery that contained thousands of bodies. It was called the Mt. Prospect Cemetery, and it contained bodies of some of the most influential and infamous people of their time. Apparently, they're not very happy about the growth and expansion that has happened all around the area, particularly at Cheesman Park, where it basically sits on top of the old cemetery.

It's said that the first person buried here was a man that was hung for murder. That's not 100% confirmed, but it's damn creepy.

There are rolling hills throughout the park which are probably rolling right over the old graveyard. Now I get why these spirits are so cranky and active. Cheesman Park is consistently ranked as one of the most haunted places in all of Colorado, and for good reason. Rumor has it, there are over 2,000 bodies buried under Cheesman Park.

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