I did not know this... I knew that they were in the southwestern part of the United States, but had no clue that there are giant arachnids in our state! My wife is petrified of spiders and I find it mildly comical how hysterical she gets when even the topic of spiders come up.

Colorado tarantulas are gentle animals and do not pose any threats to humans as they are not venomous. Colorado State University even says that they make good pets! Where in COlorado might you find these eight legged monstrous sized spiders? Well, in southeastern Colorado. Counties like Crowley, Otero, Bent, Prowers, Las Animas and Baca... Pretty much any county that borders the Arkansas Valley.

A male tarantula takes about 7-10 years to mature from hatching. Females take about 11-12 years. One of these days, I might convince my wife to take a trip to southeast Colorado to see one of these very cool, yet mildly creepy tarantulas in the wild!

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