#loveislove In celebration of Pride Month, The Denver Channel reported that the Denver Zoo has introduced the world Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass. No, it's not the late frontman of Queen (RIP) or a member of N-SYNC, but the zoo's same-sex flamingo couple, named after the musical LGBTQ icons. 

According to the Denver Zoo's Instagram post, Lance is Chilean and Freddie is American, and have been partners for several years. The zoo also shared that the two males are able to act as adoptive parents if same-sex flamingo couples are unable to raise their own chicks.

Similarly, Roy and Silo are two penguins who were famously chronicled at the Central Park Zoo in New York. Together, they raised baby Tango, but sadly, they broke up.

Penguins —they're just like us. 

Recently, a same-sex penguin couple raised a chick at an aquarium in Australia.

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