The Denver Zoo, in their own words, is #closedbutstillcaring.

Nearly 3,000 animals reside at the Denver Zoo, which means that zookeepers can't stay home: they've got to to make sure every living creature is well taken care of while the zoo is closed to the public.

However, thanks to an interview with ABC News's Clayton Sandell, we can see examples of the zoo's "new normal".

Ralph the emu, for example, rushes up to the keeper and Sandell as they walk by his enclosure. It's obvious that he's one of many animals that miss their human friends, including the giraffes, who gawk at the reporter as he passes by.

Plus, keepers say that they're taking extra care to ensure they don't spread the virus to species that may be more at-risk to contract it, especially after several tigers at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for COVID-19.

You can watch the sweet spotlight at the tweet above, which includes an adorable glimpse of brand-new baby rhino, Joona.

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Animals of the Denver Zoo


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