There are major job cuts coming to 1498 in Broadway in Denver. The address is located at the busy intersection of Broadway and Colfax Boulevard is where the Denver Post operates one of Colorado's largest newspapers. The Denver Post has had previous job cuts in the years that have past recently and today another round has been announced.

Credit: Denver Post
Credit: Denver Post

According to Jon Murray, a City Hall reporter for the Denver Post's politics team, the Denver Post newsroom will suffer a nearly 33 percent loss in its staff soon. An editor at the newspaper gave the news that 30 people will have their jobs cut in a staff meeting according to the tweet Murray posted.

The tweet ended with the words "There are some sobs in the room". Now, I am not sure if Murray is referring to coworkers sobbing or if he was referring to "sons of bitches". That is one caveat of social media, you can't really tell. According to another tweet from Murray, the Denver Post is seeking those that will essentially cut themselves from employment at the Denver newspaper. Those that volunteer would receive a severance package, at first. Whatever may come for the remaining newsroom staff is unclear currently.

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