In a surprising turn of events, it looks like Denver's ban on pit bulls won't end anytime soon.

On Monday, animal activists cheered as the Denver City Council voted (7-4) in favor of repealing Denver's 30-year-old ban on the breed, in favor of enacting a licensing system instead.

According to Fox 31, however, Mayor Hancock used his first veto since 2011 to stop the bill in its tracks. The new bill "would have required pit bull owners to obtain a 'breed-restricted license.' Applicants would provide the city with their address, two emergency contacts, a description of the pit bull, an annual fee, and proof the dog was microchipped and has its rabies vaccination."

Mayor Hancock cited a "very real risk" of injury to children as his reasoning, but animal activists across Colorado are urging the mayor to see the sweet dogs beyond the breed prejudices.

Tell us what you think in the comments: do you think pit bulls should be banned?

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