Protests show no sign of slowing down and arrests have dwindled. Denver's curfew will end on Friday after hundreds were arrested last week for curfew violations and criminal mischief, according to the Denver Post.

But in spite of previous arrests, the tone has turned peaceful as Black Lives Matter protesters have become more organized in exposing arsonists and stopping vandalism.

This is a big shift from last week, when tear gas, foam bullets and pepper balls were sprayed into crowds amidst intense protesting, which led to the implementation of an 8 p.m. curfew in Denver.

However, in spite of the curfew, many residents who were not participating in the protests found themselves in altercations with the police. One such example is that of Jax Feldmann. On May 30, Feldmann, a 21-year-old delivery driver, was walking to his car after leaving a friend's house when he was blinded in one eye by a police projectile.

“I literally just saw the cops come around then I was blinded,” Feldmann said Monday in an interview with The Denver Post.

Such incidents have occurred frequently since the protests began on May 26.

However, in the weeks since the end of May, the energy at these protests has pivoted and Denver Spokeswoman Theresa Marchetta attributed the shift to demonstrators who discouraged violence.

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