Football is a tough sport and injuries are just a part of every season for every team. Even with that being said, there aren't too many things that can crush expectations than key injuries and they don't get much more key than this one for the Denver Broncos.

Starting running back Javonte Williams, the second year man out of North Carolina suffered a torn ACL and LCL in Sunday's game against the Raiders and will miss the remainder of the season.

  So that leaves the Broncos with a couple of solid veteran guys to step into the starting role and not miss a beat right? Well kind of but not so fast. Melvin Gordon and Mike Boone are the guys currently on the roster set to fill the void left by Williams who since coming into the league last year has made quite the 1-2 punch with Gordon who is a really good running back that's had all sorts of issues with fumbling over the past year.    


While Broncos Country has been fed up with the fumbles and understandably so, Gordon is also frustrated with the situation and is trying his best, as you can see, he feels terrible about it.

  The best thing everyone can do right now is get behind Melvin and support him because the team is going to need him to step up and be the dominant back he has the talent to be.  




So just to be sure, the Broncos went out and picked up New Orleans Saints running back Latavius Murray who's been bounced around and off and on their practice squad. He did score a touchdown in the Saints' loss to the Vikings this past weekend.

 The Broncos don't have a lot of time to worry about injuries or anything else for that matter as they are back in action on Thursday Night as the Indianapolis Colts come charging into Empower Field.

Get well Javonte, wishing him the best in his recovery and sending some good vibes to Melvin Gordon, Mike Boone and the new guy Latavius Murray.


Go Broncos.


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