The Denver Broncos announced via Facebook on Tuesday the team has entered a paid partnership with Tide detergent. The short video posted on Facebook changed the current colors of orange and blue to cold blue tones. The title reads "We thrive in the cold. Luckily, so does Tide."

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The video wasn't the only change to the logo as the Denver Broncos Facebook page's main profile picture changed colors as well. Fans reacted and some were not happy with the colors. These are some of the comments that were posted to the profile photo:

  • I hate it. We are not the Titans - Jessie
  • Looks like the horse at the airport. Not an inspiring site. - Trish
  • Are we the Blucifers now? Orange is life. - Briana
  • Looks like the way they played the past 5 years. - Jmm
  • Red eyes and it would be the demon horse at DIA! - Jeff
  • He choked on a Tide pod? - Kelly
  • It looks like Frozen... Let it go - Taunia
  • Looks like the Broncos gear you order on - Ryan

The overall general consensus in the more than 600 comments that came in over the course of two hours, fans were not fans of the all blue Denver Broncos logo. Some did enjoy the color swap, but not many.

Thankfully for those who bleed orange, they don't have to stress going all blue as this is only a marketing campaign with Tide. This campaign was also posted on the Denver Broncos Instagram. As for the Denver Broncos Twitter account, the colors have not strayed from the original.

Source: Denver Broncos Facebook 

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