It's National Voter Registration Day, and voting is so important, even dead people in Colorado are exercising that right -- kind of.

OK, so dead people are voting because of fraud, which is actually really not good. According to an investigation by CBS4 in Denver, ballots continued to be mailed to addresses of people who had passed away, then someone else would take the ballot, fill it out and return it, casting a vote on behalf of the deceased.

So, there aren't really ghosts voting in Colorado, because as the video posted by CBS4 said, 'It is impossible to vote from the grave, legally.' (Thank you for that, Secretary of State Wayne Williams.)

But, if dead Coloradans could legally vote, here are a few we hope would.

Obviously, these people can't actually vote, but YOU CAN, because you are a living, breathing Coloradan who can register here.

Also, Frozen Dead Guy Days -- am I right?!