A while back, I had the chance to sit down with Blake Coddington, who is professionally known as Letdown.

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His song “Hate Myself” has been a favorite here at 94.3 The X and I was super excited to be able to talk with him more.

Letdown. Background

YouTube // Letdown.
YouTube // Letdown.

Letdown. is the brainchild of Blake Coddington, who came up with the idea during the lockdown in 2020.

Blake had been involved in his local music scene throughout his upbringing in Texas, playing in bands and doing it for the love of the craft. 

After a while, Coddington thought the rockstar dream had passed, and ended up getting a job that quickly felt like a dead end.

Then the pandemic hit.

Cooped up in his home, Coddington wanted to challenge himself to find new ways to express himself musically.

In doing so, he came up with Letdown.

The music itself is raw and emotionally charged, dealing heavily with Coddington's own struggles with his mental health.

While the lyrics are quite personal in nature, Blake states that the music itself is not meant to be just about him, but is for people, "...who feel spread too thin, falling short or just not good enough".

In doing so, he's able to help his audience feel less alone.

Letdown. Interview

In this interview, David from 94.3 The X Noco Alt sits down with Letdown. to talk about his favorite places to play on tour, what it was like to blow up so quickly on social media, and what his favorite fast food stops.

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