It’s not often a rock star can attend a music festival and freely walk around among thousands of fans without being mobbed. That was the case for Dave Grohl, who took his daughter to the Camp Flog Gnaw Festival at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Festival 2018 featured sets from Post Malone, Brockhampton, Earl Sweatshirt, Lauryn Hill, as well as Kids See Ghosts, the duo featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi. Grohl and his daughter made the rounds at the fest, where the rock star was only stopped a few times to take photos with fans. The Foo Fighters frontman also make it backstage, of course, to hang with Post Malone.

Musician Latanya Lockett also snapped a selfie with Grohl and posted it to Instagram writing: “I’m at Camp Flog Gnaw and I see Dave Grohl just casually walking with a few people towards me. I stop and look around for people to start rushing towards him and he just walks up to me and says no one knows me here lol! He’s like I brought my daughter and I’m like so did I!! He hugged me and said he was the oldest person at the whole camp and I’m like yeah but the most legendary!!!!!”

Another fan with the Instagram moniker Hope Lord posted a photo with Grohl writing, “Sometimes you don’t know what to say or where to even start… BUT I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan forever (obviously nirvana as well) but even my First AIM screen name was Foo Fighters song. The fact that I was able to meet Dave Grohl honestly made my Life Complete! what were the odds of being at the same festival. Life works in mysterious ways! Dreams really do come true.”

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